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Medifast Vs Slimfast

Slim Fast Vs Medifast are both weight loss diet plans via which users lose weight by going on a diet of both processed and branded products that are low in calories. Slim Fast utilizes a method coined the 3-2-1 plan whereby the user has three snacks, two meal replacement foods and one regular meal a day. Medifast on the other hand has a 5 plus 1 program where the user has 5 precooked Medifast meals, one salad with lean meat or fish, and pre-portioned meals every day. Both of these weight loss plans provide users with online tools such as weight trackers and meal planners. Both have their pros and cons and neither one claims to be perfect.

Losing weight on Medifast and Slim Fast

With Slim Fast, the dieter is allowed up to 1200 calories per day and stands to lose one or two pounds every week. With Medifast, the dieter is allowed 900 calories each day and stands to lose between 2 and 5 pounds every week. Medifast, unlike Slim Fast, comes with several transition regimes that allow the dieter to revert to their regular eating schedule as the program comes to a close.

Medifast has a wider variety of foods available than does Slim Fast including dill pickle spears, celery sticks, sugar free gum, sugar free gelatin, and sugar free frozen treats. The Slim Fast regime requires manual modification in the sense that the dieter has to actively choose foods that are low in carbs and high in protein. Medifast on the other hand comes with prepackaged meals that the dieter can convert into nutritious shakes.

The Call

The better weight loss of the two is Medifast by a long shot. The problem with most diet plans is that most people are unable to control their hunger and cravings and end up cheating on the diet. Medifast remedies this what with the huge variety of snacks that one is able to consume within the parameters of the regimen. These snacks work to keep the dieter fuller for longer, which has the effect of maintaining their faithfulness to the regimen. Slim Fast on the other hand has limited options and all the dieter has to get them through is the shakes. Medifast asserts is superiority over Slim Fast simply because the diet has very few requirements, a myriad of choices, and very few modifications to these choices to attain the results that the regimen promises. Additionally, one is able to lose more weight on Medifast than on Slim Fast showing that, in Medifast Vs Slimfast battle, Medifast clearly comes out on top.