3x Real Herbalife Testimonials

These Herbalife testimonials are taken from real users and customers: Lisa, Luna & Michael.

Lisa’s Herbalife Testimonial

After going through the ups and downs or every diet might imagine, Lisa had been disappointed with the results, However, once she saw how her friend successfully dropped from a size 16 to 6, she immediately wanted to know how she could do the same.

After the birth of her second child, Lisa worried that I could never lose weight. However, with the line of delicious products Herbalife, she dropped from a size 14 to a 2 and has remained so for three years.

Although Lisa had previously been frustrated by not being able to wear fashionable clothes, you now have the freedom to buy what you like, Now she has not only changed her wardrobe, but also eating habits. Despite her sweet tooth, Lisa has felt completely satisfied.

Luna’s Herbalife Testimonial

Luna had great difficulty finding healthy foods and snacks because she is a student and lives in the college dorms.

When she began using Herbalife products she learned good eating habits & this will much easier to follow the program. For example, even when she ran out of products, she knew what foods to choose and what to avoid. Consequently, she lost 46 pounds and went from size 16-18 to 6-7

How is it Done

Know what you’re getting. If you know exactly how these products are helping you, you will find it easy to stay in the program. Among the program gradually. Do not try to change your diet completely the first day.

Michael’s Herbalife Testimonial

While his weight rose above 400 pounds, Michael was taking more than 11 costly prescription medications a month just to avoid worsened diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, sleep apnea and other debilitating conditions such as ulcerative colitis. The chronic fatigue syndrome decimated his energy and kept him locked up at home, except for visits made to doctors and pharmacies.

One day Michael answered an ad “work from home” and was invited to an Herbalife Opportunity Meeting.

Even Michael thought Herbalife was worth a try. From the first day with Herbalife, Michael felt his energy rise and his weight was decreasing steadily. In the first month he dropped 42 pounds and in 90 days he dropped 85 pounds! After 15 months of starting Herbalife programs, Michael’s health had improved to the extent that his doctors withdrew all medications that had been prescribed.

Diet Tip: The Herbalife nutrition is much better than others I kept eating without hunger and don’t forget to drink lots of water.