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Medifast Vs Slimfast

Slim Fast Vs Medifast are both weight loss diet plans via which users lose weight by going on a diet of both processed and branded products that are low in calories. Slim Fast utilizes a method coined the 3-2-1 plan whereby the user has three snacks, two meal replacement foods and one regular meal a day. Medifast on the other hand has a 5 plus 1 program where the user has 5 precooked Medifast meals, one salad with lean meat or fish, and pre-portioned meals every day. Both of these weight loss plans provide users with online tools such as weight trackers and meal planners. Both have their pros and cons and neither one claims to be perfect.

Losing weight on Medifast and Slim Fast

With Slim Fast, the dieter is allowed up to 1200 calories per day and stands to lose one or two pounds every week. With Medifast, the dieter is allowed 900 calories each day and stands to lose between 2 and 5 pounds every week. Medifast, unlike Slim Fast, comes with several transition regimes that allow the dieter to revert to their regular eating schedule as the program comes to a close.

Medifast has a wider variety of foods available than does Slim Fast including dill pickle spears, celery sticks, sugar free gum, sugar free gelatin, and sugar free frozen treats. The Slim Fast regime requires manual modification in the sense that the dieter has to actively choose foods that are low in carbs and high in protein. Medifast on the other hand comes with prepackaged meals that the dieter can convert into nutritious shakes.

The Call

The better weight loss of the two is Medifast by a long shot. The problem with most diet plans is that most people are unable to control their hunger and cravings and end up cheating on the diet. Medifast remedies this what with the huge variety of snacks that one is able to consume within the parameters of the regimen. These snacks work to keep the dieter fuller for longer, which has the effect of maintaining their faithfulness to the regimen. Slim Fast on the other hand has limited options and all the dieter has to get them through is the shakes. Medifast asserts is superiority over Slim Fast simply because the diet has very few requirements, a myriad of choices, and very few modifications to these choices to attain the results that the regimen promises. Additionally, one is able to lose more weight on Medifast than on Slim Fast showing that, in Medifast Vs Slimfast battle, Medifast clearly comes out on top.

How Does Weight Watchers Work?

Weight Watchers is an international company that has program for health and weight loss. The Weight Watchers has programs includes meeting, learning session, effective point system and group support. How does weight watchers work? It can be start from the application on your smart phone that support simple start to weight loss program including step by step guide. Read also : Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers).

This step by step guide will make you know the simple start to do the weight loss program, then shopping list that help you to arrange what to buy in the market that support your needs for your weight loss program. This shopping list helps you to find the right food to eat and it will be for your weight loss program. The third is daily motivation. This daily motivation guides you to gain the result of your weight loss program or to control your weight.

Then you can go to the second step that is recipes of the delicious meals, which can help you to control your weight or to lose your weight. This simple start is easy to do because it has no calculation and complicated math, just do the simple plan, and it works. How does weight watchers work is also known by its program. After two weeks of the simple start, learn how to enjoy the healthy food or your favorite food and still lose weight. This second program makes you enjoy the simple start. You still can eat your favorite food without increasing your weight. It is also simple. You just learn the information and enjoy your daily favorite food.

It is effective to control your weight. Reach the goal of your own program by learning the information of the weight loss or control, and you will get the best result. After two weeks weight watchers will offer you everything else, because you are ready for something new, or the new program. It will be amazing how weight watchers work it makes you keeps healthy and fresh.

After two weeks you can start a weight loss plan that fits your life. Or weight watchers period, which has success story that reach the goal to control the weight or to lose the weight. Not only have that, the weight watchers makes you still loved your favorite food. After the step by step guidance, there is a meeting program that leads by a professional mentor. The trained mentor will help you and support you to reach your goal. How weight watchers work it depends on you how bad you want to be healthy.

Zone Diet Review

Excess insulin leads to a decrease of blood sugar (glucose) in the blood, which is converted into fat and simultaneously blocks access our fat stores, all ultimately leading to disease.

This is the explanation of why diets high in carbohydrates, produce feelings of fatigue, increasingly makes us feel less physical energy and increasingly accumulate body fat.

The Zone Diet has easier access to stored fat reserves (instead of accumulated carbon hydrates) as an energy source, which also translates into greater mental concentration, which not only helps them to be more productive, but enhance physical performance.

In the Zone diet, you are advised to make five meals a day, two of which will be lighter. You should never let more than 4 or 5 hours between them, since otherwise the rate is triggered insulin and sugar levels in the blood are altered.

The recommended Zone diet food places including :
Carbohydrates: the benefit of carbon hydrates depends on your speed entering the bloodstream (indicating its glycemic index) of the speed at which they are converted into glucose depends on the degree of insulin secretion.
You have to avoid foods with a high glycemic index that is increasing much too quickly blood sugar levels like refined sugar, honey, glucose, white bread, potatoes and all the cereals & pasta.

Instead, take those more slowly absorbed and found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains and fiber that helps to lower the absorption of sugars and fats.

Proteins: within plant have gluten or seitan, the alga Spirulina, tofu, Yeast beer or sprouted lentils or soy & all legumes (soy, lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc.) .
The recommended animal protein are meat chicken, turkey and rabbit, as well as oily fish and lean ham. Yogurts and fermented milks, flee from other full-fat dairy products such as cheeses. Red meat should be avoided.

Fats: fats will get them in olive oil, olives, or mayonnaise.

Example of zone diet Food Lists
Toasted bread with ham or sweet (no fat) and only some strong coffee.
Two-fat kefir or yoghurt, muesli (unsweetened) and tea or red tea.

Mid-morning – afternoon
A piece of fruit (pear, apple) and five almonds or hazelnuts.
A dessert of soy and nuts.
You can replace the snack bar by the regime, always carrying a protein ratio between 50% and 100% of carbohydrates.

Food – Dinner
A protein (chicken breast 120 g., 120 g turkey breast., Chicken or turkey burger, tuna 140 g., Salmon 180 g., Hake 180 g.)
More carbohydrate: broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, green beans) and any fruit.

Cybergenics Diet Review

The Cybergenics Diet is a weight loss plan that is geared for athletes and bodybuilders and is focused on the ratio of carbohydrates to protein consumed in a given day. According to Cybergenics site, the program is accelerated by the use of quick trim, a supplement that is said to increase metabolism. The diet consists of four small meals a day, eaten about three hours away. Talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss program.

Diet Goals and Calorie Intake

Cybergenics states that when calculating your ideal weight and assignment of calories, you should be realistic and should never eat less than 800 calories per day. The dietary intake of calories based around the objective of minimum weight of 145 kg, for which the dieter is advised to consume 800 calories per day. According to the website, the 145-pound model should be used even if your goal is to weigh less than 145 pounds. Consult your doctor about the safety of very low diets.

Calculating Protein Intake

The calculations involved to get your daily calorie count are based on their acceptable amounts of protein and carbohydrates. The Cybergenics notes that you should eat 1g of protein for every pound of your body weight goal. Therefore, a person who seeks to weigh 145 lbs. should eat 145g of protein per day. Distributed in four meals, which is equivalent to 36g protein per meal. The Cybergenics notes that while it is acceptable to eat protein slightly less than specified in this requirement, you should avoid eating more. Make sure you stay within the 800 calories or more range.


Carbohydrates are calculated in a somewhat more rigorous than the protein, such as Cybergenics Diet Plan days and oscillates between high carb days. On days of high carb, diet allows you to eat in grams of carbohydrates a total of 1/2 of your body weight goal. Therefore, using the sample weight of 145 lbs., you can eat about 72g of carbohydrates. In a day of low-carbohydrate, is allowed a room your goal weight in grams of carbohydrates. If your goal is weight 145 lbs., you eat about 36g of carbs in a day low carbohydrate.

Fast Cutting

The line of supplements Quick Trim seems to be a key aspect of Cybergenics diet plan, and these supplements are supposedly endorsed by reality star Kim Kardashian. According to US News and World Report, these dietary supplements contain questionable safety and quality ingredients, including laxatives, caffeine, and various other stimulating ingredients. You should discuss the safety of this type of food supplement with your doctor.


Cybergenics Diet Plan does not seem to underline a regular cardiovascular exercise program. Given the fact that counting calories to the diet can go as low as 800 calories, may not be feasible that you would be able to exercise regularly. For long term, healthy weight loss, and an ideal metabolism, it is important to exercise regularly.

Formostar Infrared Body Wrap Reviews

Formostar infrared body wrap is one of popular infrared body wraps that now can be easily found in beauty salons and medical spas. Infrared body wrap has been introduced as a machine to help reducing weight. This machine works by transferring infrared heat through a silicone pads. When you are using this machine, you should lay on the provided table. The technician takes care of everything while you are lying on the table. The silicone pads should be wrapped on areas you want to treat like hips, stomach area, arms or thighs. The technician will adjust the heat to comfort so that while you are lying on the table for about 1 hour, you do not need to worry about the heat.

Basically, the heat from an infrared body wrap will help removing fatty tissue and toxins from your body cells. As a result, you can lose your weight and your body will be reshaped. Even, body contouring and cellulite can be treated using this machine. Cellulite is a skin condition that is difficult to be treated due to its characteristics. Because infrared heat works at tissue level, it can perfectly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Above all, you can still get the benefits of the machine even though you have finished the procedure because the machine can enhance metabolism up to thirty six hours after a procedure.

Further, because infrared body wrap enables people to achieve their desired weight and body shape easily, lots of people surely love it. It has become a clear fact that most people want to lose weight without doing tiring exercises or starving. However, even though the machine claims to provide those above benefits, some people still argue whether an infrared body wrap really works. This actually should not become an issue because according to many formostar infrared body wrap reviews, people who lose weight using this machine are real and the number is many.

Medifast vs Optifast Diet

Nowadays obesity is quite a serious problem. Lots of people suffer of it because of wrong diet, messy way of life, bad ecology and nutrition products. If men bear this problem relatively calm, for women obesity is a real hell. That’s why lot of slimming programs appears on the Internet and TV. The point is that the most part of these programs does not work in a proper way or even makes the situation worse. Especially this problem is actual in the United States of America. People eat in different kinds of fast food.

There lots of similar fast foods. Their food leads to obesity, especial if it is used for everyday meals. This is why in the USA the number of “slim programs” which have no effect is really enormous. I want to speak about two real programs, which really work. One of them is called Medifast, the other one is Optifast. As I have already said, these both programs work well. But now I will try to decide, which one is better.

Optifast Facts

Medifast vs Optifast Diet

So, let’s speak about Medifast. It is a weight loss company, based in the USA, Owings Mills, Maryland. Founded in 1980 by William Vitale, this company started with selling its products for weight loss to doctors and hospitals, who on their turn prescribes them to the patients. Nowadays their medicines are available to all customers. The base of Medifast weight loose program is eating five Medifast meal replacements and one meal you like during the day. There are 70 meal replacements in Medifast’s arsenal, so you can choose the right ones you need. The point is that you need to receive 5-7 ounces of protein a day, accompanied with three servings of vegetables and two servings of healthy fats.

The Optifast weight loss program lasts for 26 weeks. The essence of this program is quite similar to Medifast – full meal replacement. It is supported with comprehensive patient education. Usually the Optifast program is conducted in five steps:

1. Meal replacement diet. The types and amount of meals you eat is strictly controlled. Some of them are replaced.
2. Medical supervision. The process of your weight loss is supervised by qualified doctors.
3. Lifestyle education. The complex of exercises to support your diet is developed for you.
4. Counseling. You can receive the councils from the experts in individual or group way.
5. Ongoing personalized support. The program continues after the aim is achieved to help you maintain the success.

As we can see, Optifast proposes to the clients the understandable and detailed plan of the weight loss process. The only point as that all Optifast products should be used in a complex. Beware of people who try to offer you single Optifast products – they definitely will not help you. Moreover, uncontrolled usage of Optifast products can make the situation even worse.

As you see, these two programs seem to be very similar to each other. The principle of work is the same – meal replacement. In both cases the process is supported by different side activities. But as for me, the Optifast weight loss program seems to be more reliable and effective. They have an understandable plan, which consists of five steps, which seem to be safe and secure. The Medifast, on its side, is popular and famous weight loss program. But all famous things have a tendencies to loose in quality with time. So in this case I think I would better choose the Optifast weight loss program.

Medifast Vs Wonderslim

In this modern age, we often struggle to get into decent physical shape. This is because the way that we work, the ways that we have fun, and the way in which we eat are much different than they used to be, and are certainly not geared for obtaining a healthy, fit body. Two companies today, Medifast and Wonderslim, promise a more fit you.

finally figure out in the fight of Medifast vs Wonderslim, which product actually comes out on top when considering both health, fat loss, and what it takes (while using the product) to achieve those. First we’ll look at the different aspects of Medifast, then do the same with Wonderslim, and by the end of this article we should have enough information to compare the two.

Medifast is an all American company based out of Owing Mills, Maryland and was founded in 1980. The products created by this company were originally advertised to doctors, who would in turn prescribe them to patients if the doctor deemed them necessary. Now the companies products are available directly to the consumers, and the company now has stocks available on the New York stock market. The company is basically designed to give consumers meals that will help them loose weight, much like Weight Watchers. The food items are titled, “meal replacements” and are designed to make one feel full while not giving them too many calories. The products give some insight on how healthy these meals actually are. Now, while Medifast does provide a diet that will be less calories than the diet that an over weight person most likely follows, it doesn’t seem to cater to a healthy lifestyle

Most of the food choices are sort of versions of things that unhealthy people would normally eat, but in smaller portions. This means that people who loose weight on the Medifast diet will be loosing body fat, but not getting the important nutrient that other diets provide. Also, if someone does loose weight with these food products, they have to continue buying from Medifast or gain the weight again. This is because Medifast does not teach someone how to eat healthy. If someone leaves the Medifast diet because they want to start eating normal food again, they will continue to eat food like pancakes, pudding, and pizza (some of the foods provided Wonderslim implements the same kind of techniques on loosing weight, such as providing smaller portions, so I do not need to go too far into that. However, there are a few things that Wonderslim implements that Medifast does not. This includes the “Mommy Slim” program. It is a program that is designed with the nutrients in mind for a mother who has just given birth to a child. One reason why this is great is that this program has the potential to help a mother loose weight that she might have picked up during her pregnancy, but it takes her health into more consideration.

Medifast vs Wonderslim

Wonderslim is the victor in this situation simply because of the “Mommy Slim” program. A mother who just gave birth and signs up for Medifast gets the same nutrients and calories as everyone else in this program, which could cause her to become unhealthy. The Wonderslim program not only provides necessary nutrients, but for pregnant women it puts an emphasis on health rather than loosing weight fast.