Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

Are you currently shopping for the program that you consider is the safe bet for weight loss? Are you trying hard to look for a better diet compared to the one that you are currently on? Have you tried thinking outside the box and tried Nutrisystem? And how about Jenny Craig? Comparing Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem? When have you tried any of the two and what works better for you?

However, when you haven’t done so, you should keep reading this, and avoid sitting, or rather, “eating” on the fence. So, keep on reading so that you can learn some more about the two diets…

Jenny Craig:

Most people have had success more than 24 years with Jenny Craig diet programs. The Jenny Craig Diet begins with a personalized plan. Your present eating habits, personal weight loss goal and activity levels are reviewed. In addition, your current weight and measurements are recorded.

This information is evaluated and your personalized weight loss plan is developed to be the most efficient way for your weight loss goals. The Jenny Craig Diet plan addresses 3 main aspects for effective weight loss i.e. mind, food and body.

Many people of all ages have had great health benefits from this program although they are those who can not use it because they may have certain health conditions. Each meal you will have meets your requirements and there are extra special menus which food stuffs such as pizza which takes care of teens and other people with finicky habits. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, then you have Jenny Craig program.


Nutrisystem, commercially provides weight loss products and rated services. It is a Pennsylvania based company which got involved into internet sales effectively from 1999.

Nutrisystem is intended to simplify weight loss. Nutrisystem provides prepackaged foods. Lunch and dinner consists of tacos, chicken soup, stew, pasta and pizza. Brownies and cookies make up breakfast. The program suggests a lengthy list of fruits, vegetable, dairy products, meat and nuts to go along with the diet.

Pros: If you stick to the diet plan, you could lose weight for real. The system is legit and genuine. The diet has ticked all boxes of nutritional value concerns.

Cons: Your degree of control over diet could be very minimum. Users have to get accustomed to reduced calorie intake on a quick transition.

Final Verdict: The items are prepared and it is easy to order one month’s worth of food, There are 20 choices for one meal and the diet works in reality.

Similarities Between Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

Both these renowned weight loss plans offer pre-packaged and portion-controlled food. It’s for that reason both diets prove to be ideal fo customer who don’t have time cooking at home, or go shopping for groceries. The menu items found in both groceries are both low in fat and calories. When you are searching for food variety, both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig offer extensive menus. You are gonna find many similar items on Nutrisystem plan as you are going to find in Jenny Craig’s. Pasta items such as fettucine alfredo and lasagna are quite popular. so are egg based breakfasts such as omelets.

Differences Between Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

Among the most salient differences found in the Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem diet is the cost. Majority of dieters have to take into account the cost dilemma if they enroll in paid membership programs. The shipping costs might be waived for Jenny Craig dieters since they additionally have the option of purchasing food from local stores.

You can select your own foods in Nutrisystem plan but again that’s going to cost you more. However, the good thing about the price of food of Nutrisystem lies on the fact that they charge no membership fess, or that pressure of purchasing extra supplementation from salespeople.

What about meals and menu on both sides? Well, they both possess the same items and meals on their respective menu. However, it’s vital to note that Jenny Craig meals are comparatively higher in salt content and are more processed. On the other hand, Nutrisystem meals possess more health benefits. Its food has low sodium content. The choice of food groups, not, is more varied, an dieters have more options they can choose from. Well, the dieters require choosing between both of them account of health and taste.

Jenny Craig

Insight: California based dietary provider – Founded in 1983 by Sydney Craig and Jenny Craig in Melbourne, Australia

Main Differences: 2 options available: local center or Jenny Direct/at home plan – Contract with shorter “try me” specials

What to eat? 80 menu choices to choose from, most are not everyday foods

Results: About 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Cost: >$15 per day

Membership Fee: $50

Risk-Free Guarantee:  None


Insight: Over 40 years of experience – Perfectly portioned food, delivered to your door- no counting!

Main Differences: 100% at home program – There is no center to get face to face counseling – No contract

Results: About 1 to 3 pounds a week

Cost: about $10 to $11 per day

Membership Fee: None

Risk-Free Guarantee: 14-day risk-free guarantee

The final main difference when it comes to choosing between both diet plans is considering the support system that you are searching for. Membership of Jenny Craig plan includes 24-hour helpline, and weekly consultation. Additionally, you may receive support for scheduling your meals. On the other hand, Nutrisystem program has numerous online tools though there are no means of having one-to-one sessions discussing problems.

The Verdict is Out

The approach when it comes to Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem is similar: losing weight by calorie control. The outcomes are to be similar despite what plan you select to follow. Calorie counts also matter. It will matter whether you consume food from Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem.