Why Eating Clean or “Clean Eating” is Not a Healthy Diet?

If you wish to get rid of fat you should clean up your diet. This seems to be a myth of most advisers, instructors, personal trainers & fitness experts. In this post, I will explain the reasons why this is just another myth of those who apply pseudo-science or bioscience as a basis for advice. See also: Paleo Diet vs Clean Eating.

What is Clean eating? What Foods are Clean and Healthy?

Well that’s the main problem, if you ask any of these people a definition for this concept it will surely give broad and vague explanations like low carb/fat that do not harm your health. Some will try to explain scientific concepts misapplies as “low glycemic carbohydrate” foods or “higher thermic effect”

Usually These People Categorize Some Foods as “Good” and Others as “Bad.”

This part of the article focuses on the argument of weight gain or loss. There is no evidence that nay foods cause more or less fat gain beyond the excess calories that gives your diet. There is also no evidence that any specific food helps “burn” fat.

Fat reduction is all about calories you consume against calories you expand. Excess calories from any meals will outcome rise in fat. That’s why, all you call bad meals or junk foods trigger extra weight if consumed too much.

If most of your daily diet comes from nutrient dense foods-those-dubbed “clean” – that satisfy you and help you fulfill your needs micro nutrients and fiber, then there is no problem in filling your calories and macronutrients with other elements lower nutrient density affectionately – called “junk food” – provided you have the restraint to not spend your daily limit. Different people will require different diets, with calorie goals, and specific macronutrient prefer or tolerate fiber and achieve them with different foods than others.

Clean Eating Encourages Eating Disorders

The “coaches” who support clean eating also recommend being overly strict when it comes to choosing meals, “do not cheat during the week,” “you are what you eat” and other phrases of this type are fired daily by these characters.

Several studies have found that the only irrational obsession with eating food from what they call “clean” encourage eating disorders like unnecessarily stressful, orthorexia nervosa, mentally exhausting and a very bad relationship with food.

Furthermore, the performance tends to worsen. When you have no rational basis on choosing your meals, you begin to eliminate foods and eventaully remove list clean or “permitted” foods becomes excessively small.

This problem is related to the fact divide food into “good” or “bad;” eating “bad” food you feel guilty because it is “bad.” Eventually, your relationship to food becomes so unhealthy that you lose the ability to enjoy what you used to love.

Getting people to focus on more nutrient-dense foods is a good thing. The problem is that these people would take an excessively end up, where even despise and denigrate anyone who eats any of the “unclean” foods, including themselves. Remember that allowing you to keep your long-term diet is to enjoy it. Eat what you like, do not deprive yourself of any food and always keep in mind that balance and moderation are the key to getting the physique you want.