Zone Diet Review

Excess insulin leads to a decrease of blood sugar (glucose) in the blood, which is converted into fat and simultaneously blocks access our fat stores, all ultimately leading to disease.

This is the explanation of why diets high in carbohydrates, produce feelings of fatigue, increasingly makes us feel less physical energy and increasingly accumulate body fat.

The Zone Diet has easier access to stored fat reserves (instead of accumulated carbon hydrates) as an energy source, which also translates into greater mental concentration, which not only helps them to be more productive, but enhance physical performance.

In the Zone diet, you are advised to make five meals a day, two of which will be lighter. You should never let more than 4 or 5 hours between them, since otherwise the rate is triggered insulin and sugar levels in the blood are altered.

The recommended Zone diet food places including :
Carbohydrates: the benefit of carbon hydrates depends on your speed entering the bloodstream (indicating its glycemic index) of the speed at which they are converted into glucose depends on the degree of insulin secretion.
You have to avoid foods with a high glycemic index that is increasing much too quickly blood sugar levels like refined sugar, honey, glucose, white bread, potatoes and all the cereals & pasta.

Instead, take those more slowly absorbed and found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains and fiber that helps to lower the absorption of sugars and fats.

Proteins: within plant have gluten or seitan, the alga Spirulina, tofu, Yeast beer or sprouted lentils or soy & all legumes (soy, lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc.) .
The recommended animal protein are meat chicken, turkey and rabbit, as well as oily fish and lean ham. Yogurts and fermented milks, flee from other full-fat dairy products such as cheeses. Red meat should be avoided.

Fats: fats will get them in olive oil, olives, or mayonnaise.

Example of zone diet Food Lists
Toasted bread with ham or sweet (no fat) and only some strong coffee.
Two-fat kefir or yoghurt, muesli (unsweetened) and tea or red tea.

Mid-morning – afternoon
A piece of fruit (pear, apple) and five almonds or hazelnuts.
A dessert of soy and nuts.
You can replace the snack bar by the regime, always carrying a protein ratio between 50% and 100% of carbohydrates.

Food – Dinner
A protein (chicken breast 120 g., 120 g turkey breast., Chicken or turkey burger, tuna 140 g., Salmon 180 g., Hake 180 g.)
More carbohydrate: broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, green beans) and any fruit.