Benefits of Green Smoothies (Healthier Diet)

The word ‘green’ is everywhere. From health products to environmental measures, the word ‘green’ usually conveys strong benefits and a positive commitment to wellness. Green smoothies are no exception. They have a well-deserved reputation for being A-grade fuel for the human body.

Benefits of Green Smoothies


Some of the benefits of green smoothies have been written and talked about extensively. For example, they’re great for weight loss; they support a transition to a healthier diet; they clean out the system and thus enhance energy; they’re effective in maintaining good health and guarding against diseases like cancer, and they are wonderful for breakfast or snacks.

Plus, you can add a green superfood powder to really drive your daily nutritional intake into top gear.

Let’s look at some benefits of green smoothies that don’t get enough attention. They’re just as awesome as their famous cousins. J


8 glasses of plain water a day, right? Well, every green smoothie needs liquid in it. (Otherwise, it’s a “lumpy”). Include water and get up to a third of your daily hydration without doing it the “boring” way.

Mental Clarity

If you can’t face the day until you’ve pumped coffee into you, you’ve become addicted to caffeine. Fine, enjoy your coffee, but it is not how you create mental clarity that will last throughout the day. Before your morning coffee ritual, drink your nutrient-packed green smoothie, complete with your green super food supplement. I dare you to try it and notice the difference. Who knows? You might even kick your caffeine habit and return to a more natural state of alertness.

Increased Energy

Meals heavy in sugar and processed carbohydrates will give you dizzying highs and lows. We’ve all felt that lethargic feeling after a big meal. A green smoothie will provide you with more balanced energy throughout the day. Try it and see how much better you do.

Tastes Amazing – Retrain Your Taste Buds

Just look at the garbage on supermarket shelves. 90% is processed and loaded with additives and marketing that promise a flavor buzz. The average American taste buds are conditioned to overload and real food can start to taste bland. Get your palate back again! Green smoothies packed with superfood supplements remind us of how things really should taste. They should provide a flavor explosion. Get enough green smoothies into you over months and you’ll realize that the “amazing” processed foods don’t taste as good as they claim.

Positive Attitude

The simple fact that you are doing something good for yourself can have a powerful impact on your life, both mentally and physically. Just making a green smoothie will make you feel good. Attitude is a huge part of health and wellness. Good food can improve attitude, and a good attitude can improve food intake. Fill it with clean, fresh, raw, green vegetables and fruits to give it that vibrant green color and you’ll be feeling very positive. Get it really green by using spinach, kale, kiwi, celery, leafy greens, and more, plus… a scoop of green superfood powder and supplement. That last ingredient will give you a scoop of incredible nutrition and a massive mood boost. You’re on the way to regaining control of the food you take in.

It’s Easy!

To make a green smoothie, throw the ingredients into the blender, pour them into a glass or cup, and then clean the blender. So easy! Organic scraps break down without poisoning land or water. Even throw them in a compost bin for your garden. Avoid waste paper, styrofoam, and plastics. Clean up takes seconds. Far less work and clean up than a big meal.

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