Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers

Do you want to shed off a few pounds? If your answer is a resounding yes, then there is a chance that you have already tried out a couple of weight loss programs and a few diet fads. As more people are finding it necessary to lose some weight and stay fit, there has been an equal increase in the number of nutrition and fitness plans available in the market. Every plan has its own pros and cons.

It is thus important to analyze each one individually and get to know what suits you. However, great results will only be achieved if you are in the right mental frame to follow instructions and abide by your chosen program’s rules. For beginners, choosing between the Jenny Craig weight loss plan and the weight watchers plan may pose a challenge especially if you don’t really understand what to expect. Jenny Craig vs weight watchers comparisons is common on the internet, but here is an article to help decide on the most suitable plan for you.

A look at Jenny Craig

This is dietary plan that will enable you to access a nutritional consultant. The consultant is an expert, well equipped to guide you through out your entire weight loss plan. Jenny Craig have numerous offices stationed in nearly every town thus making it easy for people to access their nutritional consultants. Meals are prepared in perfect proportions and eaten up to 6 times a day. You will have to pay membership charges for the services and the food will cost an extra amount. Registered dietitians come up with the different food proportions, so you are sure that this is a professional service. The food is just enough to rid you of your hunger pangs while at the same time allowing your body to use its fat reserves. In the long run, this helps burn calories and fats from your body resulting in a significant amount of weight loss. This plan offers a wide array of foods, but one should expect to pay more. Meals can go up to $20 on a single day!

A look at The Weight Watchers Plan

Unlike Jenny Craig, weight watcher doesn’t prepare meals for its clients. You are free to eat the foods that you like and even have time to party with your pals! Then how does it offer great weight loss results? This plan aims at making clients aware of what foods to buy and consume. It does this by assigning points to certain types of foods. It provides people with recipes, menu ideas, types of filling foods et cetera. High point foods should be eaten sparingly. They have support groups just to motivate members and give them moral support. The good thing with this plan is that it gives you a chance to learn how to eat healthily for long-term benefits. However, you may find it difficult to prepare some of the recipes and implement their ideas.

Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers

The two nutritional programs offer a safe way and nutritious way to lose weight. They do nota promise quick results and they are far from the popular diet fads. When compared to weight loss creams and hitting the gym, these nutritional plans are far more effective and enjoyable. The final verdict? Go with the Weight watchers plan because it offers long term results. It lets you understand that losing weight is entirely a choice that you will have to make by consistently choosing healthy foods over the unhealthy ones. In a way, it fosters a lifestyle change.

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