Jenny Craig vs Medifast

Selection of the most suitable diet plans for weight reduction and maintaining healthy regime is indeed a debatable topic. (read Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem here) And equally debatable is the choice of the diet plans available on the market, We are here to make the choice simpler for you. Lets learn about two most famous diet plans available to us, Jenny Craig vs Medifast. After detailed analysis of both the specialty weight loss diet programs, we have tried to list their characteristics through this post.

Bot Jenny Craig and Medifast offer prepackaged diet foods. Both are easily available and delivered at your doorstep. Moreover, the foods that are part of these diet plans are quite tasty. This makes it all the more difficult to prefer one product over the other. Jenny Craig diet plan package is inclusive of food for all the meals for one day, on the contrary, Medifast plan gives you an option of preparing one meal every day of your own choice instead of eating the packaged food provided by them. Also, Medifast plan is focused on low carb and liquid oriented. This tends to be boring over a period of time. Whereas the Jenny Craig plan focuses on changing the metabolism system. It provides three meals and two small snacks. These are actually filling items as opposed to liquid oriented diets.

Jenny Craig has an edge in offering personal attention to the customers. It assigns a counselor to you whom you can visit weekly for consultation along with online helpline available. Medifast also offers an online helpline but it doesn’t have the option of visiting a counselor. Another difference between the two products is the cost of both plans. Medifast costs around $150 for a two week package. Jenny Craig, which is a notch higher, costs around $250 for two weeks.

In the Jenny Craig vs Medifast analysis, we choose Jenny Craig over Medifast for its portable and tasty food and extensive support system. This helps the motivation throughout the diet plan. However, you may take a decision based on your own preferences after reviewing the products.