Nutrisystem vs Medifast

In today’s world of health and fitness, weight-loss has hit an all time high with profits ranging in the billions for products and diets, promising results from each. Some use celebrities as their “point driver,” others use slim, well built men and women to persuade those to use their products. What seems to be the winner of the many offers are the ones that offer pre-made meals that are delivered right to your door. Talk about convenience.

The two in question, Nutrisystem and Medifast. Although both of these have the same idea in mind, and offer basically the same end results, but just how close are they in comparison? Well, lets break them both down and look to see just what each one has and doesn’t have compared to the other.

More for your money:

Both companies are online business that you simply join for a price (we will touch on that later), then Ta-da, you start getting meals sent to your home with a meal plan designed to help you lose weight.


The diet planner with this company comes with a monstrous 150 dishes to choose from. You get 6 meals and snacks per day, with a promise of plenty of healthy vitamins your body needs to lose weight and stay healthy. The scientist behind their meals create them while keeping in mind the factors of low calories and low in fat is the key to success. They also have taken their product one step further by creating special meals for those with medical issues such as diabetics. They also created plans just for men and children. All in all, Nutrisystem made sure they have plenty of food to offer so that the dieter doesn’t get bored along with making sure they have everyone covered.


Although Medifast agrees with the 6 meals per day, they only have 70 meal ideas to choose from. The “not so healthy idea” that they use is, they suggest foods be put into your body by the means of sauces, puddings, shakes and cereals. They have no customized menu options like Nutrisystem has, nor do they offer portion control. Unlike Nutrisystems meals being in its own repeatable package, Medifast doesn’t come in a “on the go package.”

Medifasts claim is after consumption of their products, in 3-4 weeks your body will reach a state of fat burning, helping to lose weight, yet, protecting muscle. This may seem like a fast approach, but by no means is it a healthy approach. Medifast has no program that ensures the safety of those with any type of health concerns like Nutrisystem offers, nor does it offer its program in a different form if you are male or female, young or old.

Now, lets talk money. What does it cost to get skinny by using these companies? Well, lets do a quick comparison and see.

Nutrisystem offers a diet plan where you can eat the meal plan designed for you for less than $10 oer day. Medifast is quiet a bit higher at $13 per day. Nutrisystem offers a 28 day discount plan with coupon for $200. They also offer a family plan. Medifast has no special offers. Medifast has to be overseen by a medical Doctor due to it not having a plan designed for those with health concerns, whereas Nutrisystem is a slow paced, healthy approached program.

Nutrisystem vs Medifast

When you compare apples to apples there really is no comparison, Nutrisystem is by far the better choice between the two. If for no other reason, the main important reason, your health. Nutrisystem carefully plans each meal around your health, not just so you can lose weight fast, which is very unhealthy. Add in the fact that they pre-package and weigh your meals, add in the much needed vitamins, have online, as well as by phone customer service to help you at all times, its obvious this company has your weight loss at a healthy rate in mind.

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